As we offer flights within the last 8 hours before departure and with limited seats, the purchasing process will be much faster if you are registered and you will not miss any opportunity. In addition you can have more functionallity such as generate alerts, being included on waiting lists for the return ticket or see all your flight and reservation history.

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You can register your friends and family documentation to select who is traveling with you and thus not have to complete all their data when buying tickets. This way the purchase will always be faster.

You can only buy tickets available several hours before the flight, but you can generate an alert to let you know when your flight is open for the purchase. The alert will generate an email with the information and link to buy.

This and other questions are answered on our  Youtube channel

In 321NOW you can only buy tickets hours before departure, but if you know when you want to return, you can register in the waiting list and when the flight is available if there are seats for your request, we will proceed to purchase the ticket, sending confirmation to the indicated email.
Therefore, by signing up on a waiting list, you are confirming that, in case of availability, the purchase shall be made. In the case of signing up for several waiting lists, the first one available will be the one purchased, and you will be removed from the rest of the waiting lists.

This and other questions are answered on our  Youtube channel

If you want to buy a return ticket, we offer 2 alternatives:
• Best deal. Sign up for a waiting list (Flights Now tab) and wait hours before departure to see if it is confirmed and purchased , or
• Buy a return ticket available in the market: Then you need to select “Flights with no NOW promotion” tab and choose the return flight among the list.

This and other questions are answered on our  Youtube channel

You must be at the check-in desk of the airline with sufficient time, always considering the me waiting times at the desk, the security controls, and the time needed to reach the boarding gates, etc.
As a general rule, passengers are recommended to show up at the check-in desk an hour and a half in advance in the case of domestic flights, and at least two and a half hours in the case of international flights, always considering the indications previously cited.
As a general rule, airlines usually close the boarding 50 minutes before the departure of the flight, denying entry to any passenger from that moment.

After the payment is done, you will receive an electronic ticket via email indicating that the purchase is being processed and then another email in which we will indicate the code of your reservation, which you must present at the counter of the airline at the airport, together with your ID /passport.
Remember that you must also check-in your flight directly with the airline, either through its website, or directly at the airport. In case of doubt, check the times directly with the airline.
It may happen that the airline has not enabled the online check-in in its website for certain routes. In such a case, you must do the chekin directly at the airport.

The airlines require the presentation of the National ID or Passport to all passengers and all flights to verify the identity of travelers. The mandatory documents depend on the route.
Our recommendation is that you always fly with your passport, which guarantees you to fly to any destination. Remember to take always the reservation code that you received. Children must also travel properly identified and authorized.
The documentation will be requested at the check-in counters and at the boarding gates.
It is your responsibility to be informed in advance and meet any additional requirements to board in the plane and enter in the destination country (passport, visa, vaccinations, or even present the return flight ticket if you only purchase the one-way ticket, etc. ), not being entitled to any type of reimbursement if your boarding is denied for not meeting the requirements. Check the necessary conditions to travel on your country Foreign Affairs website.

The 321NOW ticket may not include a bag in its price. In this case you must enter the airline's website and hire that service.

It will only be included in the cases indicated in the boarding pass.

From 321NOW will send you an email after booking confirmation with this information and a link to the website of the airline you fly with.

The 321NOW ticket does not include seat selection in its price. To do this you must enter the website of the airline you fly with and select that service.

From 321NOW will send you an email after booking confirmation with this information and a link to the website of the airline.

Remember that your ticket may not include a bag. In case you want to board one you should be at the airport with enough time to check in or go to the airline´s website to book the service.

The cabin bag will be subject to the policy of each airline, and you will be informed in the mail with the boarding pass. In case of not being included in the NOW fare, you will be confirmed in the mail.

321NOW ticket includes food if stipulated by flight and airline. In case you must buy it separated, you will be sent an email indicating it and the link to the airline's website so that you could book the service.

Tickets purchased at 321NOW cannot be cancelled.

You can request for an invoice of any product contracted through our website, by sending an email to: administracion@321now.com    

Remember to indicate:
• The reservation id/code
• Name of the person or company to issue the invoice
• National identity Number or Company Tax ID
• Full address with zip code, city and province

We will send back the invoice through the e-mail you indicated. 

The airlines contemplate different ways of making reservations with unaccompanied childs and, in fact, not all of them offer this service. For this reason, whenever you need to make a reservation with unaccompanied child, you must address the airline in advance.

If you are traveling to the United States, you must previously obtain an electronic travel authorization through ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization) before boarding on a transportation by air or sea to the US.
ESTA's website is:
Complete the online application form in English at least 72 hours before the trip. In most cases you will receive a response within a few seconds, such as approved authorization, unauthorized travel or pending authorization. If you need more information, visit: http://www.CBP.gov/travel
In addition, on flights within, from or to the United States, there is a prohibition established by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) to carry, in any baggage, either checked or in the cabin, products considered dangerous. Such as:
• Large size and large quantity lithium batteries
• Explosives / Fireworks
• Fluids to charge lighters
• Matches
• Oxygen / Liquid Oxygen Bottles
• Flammable liquids
• Pesticides / Poisons
• Corrosive substances

The price offered by 321NOW is always “final price from the first step”, which means that as soon as you choose your flight on the list, this price will not be increased during the purchase process.

After the checkout of the process, you can book additional services offered by the airline at the cost stipulated by it, but it will always be the choice of the customer and not a purchase obligation.

This and other questions are answered on our  Youtube channel

Due to the proximity of the departure of the plane, the ticket cannot be financed at 321NOW, since there is no time to make a feasibility study. 

All our prices are calculated and negotiated in Euros, though you might want to pay in Sterling Pounds using the currency converter. This option is valid as long as your credit card has not been issued by a Spanish Bank. The payment system allows that, if you use a card from outside the Euro zone, you can choose between paying in Euros or in your local currency. The bank will apply the corresponding exchange rate.

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